Algorithmically Optimized, Low-Latency Liquidity
and Technology Solutions
Spotex enables institutions to trade in a low latency ECN central limit order book (CLOB) or set up their own disclosed DMA liquidity pools with preferred liquidity providers.
Leading FX bank and non-bank liquidity providers are connected to Spotex. Clients benefit from Spotex's multiple Prime Broker clearing model, which enables access to liquidity from multiple prime brokers without incurring additional fees.
Institutions further benefit from Spotex's proprietary ECN matching logic, which rewards high performing liquidity providers, micro-second execution speeds and true 24/7 operation without end-of-day shutdowns.
Trade on ECN or Disclosed Pools
Based Matching Logic
Incentivizing Liquidity Providers, Benefiting Liquidity Consumers
In contrast to standard price-time order books used by other ECNs and aggregators, Spotex employs qualitative metrics that reward high performing liquidity providers.
This approach, combined with Spotex's ultra-low latency matching technology, provides liquidity consumers (takers) with robust liquidity and a higher degree of certainty their orders will be filled at the price and quantity displayed.
Low-Cost Executions
Pay One Negotiated, Disclosed, Low Commission
Negotiated, highly competitive commissions
No additional fees for multiple sessions
No additional fees for market data
No CCP fees
Broker Order
ECN Matching with Natural Order Flows from Global Brokers and Institutions
Brokers use Spotex's technology stack to send client flows to the Spotex ECN.
Institutional clients can interact with these differentiated trade flows. Bank and non-bank liquidity providers compete for these flows benefiting all ECN participants.
Fast, Flexible Technology, Algorithmically-Optimized Liquidity
Proprietary top-of-book matching logic
Continuous 24-hour availability Sunday to Friday, no end-of-day cycle
Sub 250-microsecond internal round-trip order matching
Real-Time Market Data, Credit Monitoring and Management
Prime Broker Clearing Model
Access to Spotex is provided via leading FX prime broker and prime-of-prime brokers
End-to-End Credit Accessibility
Bilateral credit between prime brokers (no CCP)
Transparent, Low-Cost Fee Structure (no market data, connection, CCP fees)
Supports client-to-client ECN matching (not an aggregator)

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